Table relates associate data tables without permanently appending them to the base dataset like in a Join. Relates are designed when the relationship between the spatial layer and the external table is 'one-to-many' (i.e. there are many rows in the external table corresponding to each spatial feature).

To add a relate, click a feature layer on the table-of-contents and select "Relates" from the context menu or the ribbon button:


In this dialog you manage feature layer relations in you map document. The dialog shows all layer relations in your carto document, not only the relates depending on the selected layer.
Click add to create a new feature layer relation:


Here you can specify the left- and right-table an the field in each table and the logical operator for the relate. Afer you confirm the dialog the relate is prepared and ready for use.
To test the relate, make an identify or query. In the result tree a new node appears. You can exand the node to get all the related features:


Info: The relates works in both directions: from left- to right-table and from right- to left-table.

Another way to use the relates, is from the feature layer table. Open the attribute table of a table and select some records. On the toolbar of the table you have now a dropdown button, where you can see all the related layers. You can now apply selection to related features:


Info: Also this works in both directions.

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