The Filebased-Feature-Database is a new format to store data in a gView Feature-Database. Is based on SQLite, so no database server is required. The format has a good performance (much better than the MS Access based Feature-Database) and you can checkin/checkout form other gView-Feature-Databases (i.e. SQL Server, Postgres). This format is best practice for offline solutions.

To create an new Filebased-Feature-Database open die gView-Data-Explorer an navigate to folder in file system. On the ribbon, you can choose "Create New: SQLite Feature Database":


Now you can create new datasets and copy features to the database in the same way as in any other gView-Feature-Databases.

For big data it may be necessary, to create indices to ensure a high-performance seeking inside the data. The spatial index will be created from gView automatically. For columns in the Attribute-Table you must create the database indices by your self. You can use any SQLite administration tool, to do this. Otherwise you can also use the gView comand line tool:

gView.Cmd.Fdb -connstr <ConnectionString> -guid <DatasetGuid> -c <CreateIndex|DropIndex>...

i.e: gView.Cmd.Fdb -connstr c:\temp\my.fdb -guid 36deb6ac-ea0c-4b37-91f1-b2e397351555 -c CreateIndex -fc <FeatureClassName> -fields <Fields>

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