Getting started

Create Project and add references

First of all create a .NET 4.0 project with Visual Studio and add the necessary references to the gView assemblies. The kind of project depends on our specific needs. If you want to write a plugin (for example a new data source, a tool, a context menu item, etc) you must create a dll-project. For other tasks (for example reading features from a shape and do something with the data) you can use console, windows or WPF application. It is only important, that you use the .NET Framework 4 as your target platform (not the Client Profile):


The references, that are necessary stored in the GAC. Add references and browse the .NET tab. For beginning, choose the following assemblies:


Most important is the gView.Core.dll. In this assembly all interfaces are stored. Also the gView.system will be needed by nearly all kind of extensions. It includes for example the plugin manager. gView.Data and gView.Db is need, if you work with data objects. It includes also the classes for fields, (spatial) filters and cursors. gView.Geometry includes classes for all kinds of geometries (Point, Polyline, Polygon, etc) and Spatialreference.

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